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5 Steps to Funding

Be sure you understand what can be funded.  Funders do not usually fund the day-to-day activities of your organisation, though they may contribute to the organisational overheads involved in running a project. Be sure you know what is meant by a project.  A project is a piece of work that is additional to the everyday work of your organisation. If your project involves extra staff or costs your grant may cover them; or if you are looking to fund a new project, or set up a new organisation, start-up costs, including staff and other core running costs, they will be
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Search Engine Optimisation

Those Panels who use a WordPress based platform for their websites will probably be all too familiar with SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.  Here, I share seven top tips for maximising your web content to make sure it has the biggest impact possible. SEO means optimising a website so that people can easily find it when they use search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. When you’re writing articles for your website about certain topics it helps to make sure they’re optimised to search engines. To make sure you give your articles and content the best chance of being found
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