How to action funding


  • Speak to your local Equalities Officer 
  • Speak to SDEF 
  • Apply for Grants from other Organisations/Trusts, if criteria can be met 
  • Look into all funding possibilities that could be available to your Access Panel and ensure these are applied for 
  • Don’t be afraid to apply for funding, even if some applications have been refused in the past. Not all applications will be successful. It is important to keep trying


  • Approach local businesses, organisations, public bodies to seek specific funding for holding an event or to pay for your newsletter or leaflets 
  • In return the sponsor will get advertising space or you will negotiate what the sponsor receives in return for gifting the funding


  • From time to time, SDEF can assist with ideas, and sometimes can help to identify possible avenues of funding 
  • Appeals for donations can be made through local papers, on the television or on the radio

Social Enterprise 

  • Setting up a small business is a way of making money – look at different ways to do this. 
  • Thrift Shops are good examples of a Social Enterprise. These are shops that sell second-hand or gifted articles and are usually run for charitable purposes. 
  • Equality Officers may be a good contact whilst setting these up. 

See Appendix 2 for contact details.

Income Generation/Income Maximisation 

Examples of Income Generation/Income Maximisation are: 

  • Panel may choose to charge for services that they may be asked for from a business or local community – such as a Short Access Audit for a business 
  • Making a small charge to Private and Public Bodies for work 
  • Design Appraisals · Development of Access Guides for a Third Party 
  • Site Visits on behalf of the Local Authorities, the NHS, Government Departments or Agencies

Fundraising Events 

Examples of fundraising events are: 

  • Open Days at the Access Panel 
  • Membership promotion events – which also increase membership 

Fundraising Events can be advertised in the local media (newspaper, television and radio).

For further information on fundraising see also: A Guide to Fundraising