Centre for Inclusive Living Perth and Kinross

Centre for Inclusive Living Perth and Kinross is a user-led, independent organization that strives to promote inclusivity and accessibility for people with disabilities in the region. We work closely with a range of partners in the public, private, and third sectors to deliver projects that support independent living, raise awareness about necessary alterations for disabled individuals, and campaign for wider societal change in line with disabled people’s human rights. Our membership is diverse and provides invaluable experience and knowledge that drives all of our work. Our vision is to create a fully inclusive society where equal opportunities and access are available to all, and our mission is to empower our disabled members to instigate the change needed to achieve that vision.


CLIPK have hybrid meetings a mix of online and in person.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cilpk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cilpk/


Chairperson: Cindy Godfrey-McKay

Treasurer: Douglas Brown

Secretary: Axelle L’Hortalle

Contact details

Primary contact:
Jane Moncrieff
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Centre for Inclusive Living Perth & Kinross,
90 Tay Street,

Telephone number:
01738 587282
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