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It’s been a busy couple of days

Yesterday I visited Borthwick Castle which was really interesting. The owners are developing it into a top class hotel and events venue, but as you can imagine when the castle was built disability was not high on the agenda, more shooting arrows, throwing spears and pouring hot oil on people. However they are doing everything they can to make the castle as accessible as possible and as you can imagine they face huge challenges, we will keep you informed on their progress. Earlier today I attended a Scottish Government consultation on Hate Crime, which is becoming all too common these
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Hello folks

Since my arrival in May I’ve had an opportunity to meet or talk to a lot of the panels and again, would like to thank you all for your welcome. I have managed to get my teeth into quite a few things which I have found very interesting. As well as access issues one of the main keys to independent living is accessible, affordable and reliable public transport. I recently attended a Scottish Rail Accessibility Forum meeting where the re-development of Queen Street Station was discussed.  While this may cause some inconvenience during the works the finished project will be
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Access Panel Training Programme Update

The Access Panel Training Programme 2014/15 is now complete. It was a hugely successful programme with many of you commenting on how helpful it was in terms of your learning, networking and sharing of information. We recognised the fantastic work of the Panels at our Celebrations Award held in March.
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