East Dunbartonshire Access Panel

New premises for our meetings are being looked at which will have more suitable access. Discussions at present are taking place with EDVA, hoping to rent a desk in their offices part time, which will hopefully allow for better contact with the public.

At the ‘Merkland Nature Reserve’ in Kirkintilloch, we have been involved in advising the rangers regarding making pathways easy to manoeuvre and get around with access easier for all. We have made good progress with this, and the work is ongoing.

At the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival, we had a stall where we informed the public of our activities. We purchased promotional material and leaflets which were given out on the day. Everyone agreed that the day was a success, and the weather (as in previous years) helped with wall to wall sunshine.

We were asked if we could contribute towards the East Dunbartonshire Council Accessibility Strategy regarding the 2015 – 2018 Improving Access to Education for pupils with Disabilities. We also made a visit, with West Dunbartonshire Access Panel and SDEF to the new Merkland School, Kirkintilloch.

After studying the details of the ‘Town Centre Masterplan’ we are hoping to have a further meeting with the officials involved to ask for clarification of some of the proposals.

We will also be asking if there will be provision included for the reinstatement of the controlled crossings in the future.

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