Caithness Access Panel

Caithness Access panel has been very busy with a wide variety of activities. We have been involved in an on-going program of access audits on small shops across the region. An audit was also carried out at Castletown Garden Centre and the owners will be reviewing and acting on access issues. We have also undertaken an audit of the local play park. A survey was undertaken at the new council offices in Wick and we found the council to be very open and co-operative.

We have also undertaken audits and surveys at these locations:

  • Survey of the town hall car park in Murkle
  • Access of the refitted library which was good, however the parking situation in the area is a cause for concern.
  • We are working closely advising on the plans for the new high school in Wick and already our recommendation for a raising floor for the new swimming pool has been included.
  • We will also be undertaking disability awareness events with local schools early in the New Year.

Caithness Access panel as part of its awareness raising is running a competition for the most improved shop. The winner will receive an engraved Caithness Glass bowl and we will report the results in the next issue.