Clackmannanshire Disability Awareness Group

People with a disability in Alloa now have the opportunity to learn computing skills. Working from their base in Cooperage Way, the Disability Awareness Group which also functions as the Access Panel are offering individual tuition to disabled people who may be unable to benefit from mainstream computer classes, or who don’t feel ready to start classes yet.

The tuition can make use of screen-reading technology so that attendees with visual impairments or limited literacy skills can learn to access the Internet and send emails. Learners can also take their first steps in writing documents and find out if they can use a computer to help their reading, writing or spelling.

Clacks DAGFor Alister Scott, chair of the Group, the tuition has enabled him to develop his reading and writing skills. Previously Alister had been denied these opportunities due to a limited state education. Now, thanks to computer software that reads the screen back to him, Alister is learning to write. Alister said ‘it is helping me a lot’

However, even if you don’t need a screen reader, you may be able to benefit from the tuition; even if all you need is a little more confidence to get started in learning about computers and what they can do for you, then you could benefit from these lessons.

The lessons are tutored by volunteer Alison Fox, who has considerable experience in helping people with a disability to access computers. Alison said ‘No matter your level of ability, this tuition can benefit you’

For information on these tuition sessions, please contact the Disability Awareness Group on 01259 272018

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