Kilmarnock & District Access Panel

The Kilmarnock and District Access Panel is always busy and we have built up a very effective partnership with the Council to the benefit of disabled people in our area. We regularly undertake site visits where appropriate and hold regular meetings in the council offices. We view all plans at both the planning and warrant stage and are able to make comment and pass on recommendations for design changes through submissions and reports on our findings. Over the past few years we have found that we are able to have more influence and are taken seriously by the council. We also advise on areas such as accessible parking, undertaking street audits, commenting on materials and coloured contrasts. We work hard with the council to find solutions and this has helped the partnership grow.

Would you like to mystery shop a gig, concert or festival?

Attitude is Everything is an organisation that works with music venues and festivals to improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music and outdoor arts across the UK. They provide assistance to event organisers via a Charter of Best Practice that features Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Over 100 venues and festivals are currently signed up to the Charter. All of their advice and guidance is based on the feedback provided by hundreds of Deaf and disabled mystery shoppers every year. They are constantly looking for new shoppers, and are very keen to recruit a greater number of people in Scotland. Mystery shoppers report back on the accessibility and overall experience at UK music venues and festivals via a detailed form in return for free or refunded tickets and travel. Attitude is Everything then endeavours to pass feedback on to organisers, identifying potential barriers and offering practical solutions.

To become a Mystery Shopper, you can either register online via or email to request the forms and more information.

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