New Accessible Train Carriages

Today I attended a very interesting event with Jackie Maceira and Pat McGuigan at Queen Street and Central stations in Glasgow. We were looking at the issues around the different models of rolling stock. It was interesting to see how train design has evolved and how access has become so much better.

We were also given the opportunity to look at and try out the latest designs being developed.  Comparing the newest designs to rolling stock of 40 years ago some changes are easy to spot. Older trains had no toilet, no designated wheelchair space and to be honest looked very old fashioned. The newer trains are far more user friendly, and while not being perfect are a million miles away from what was originally in use. People can now sit with their travel companions rather than being stuck outside the toilet.

I have to say that the staff at both locations could not have been more helpful making this was a very useful exercise as we now have a far better idea of the issues and barriers to travel that people face.