West Dunbartonshire Access Panel

We have recently been involved in the following activities:

  • Involved with the West Dunbartonshire Integration Group. This group looks to integrate the Refugees from Syria into West Dunbartonshire.
  • We have also been to three design project meetings for the new health centre.
  • We have been involved in a designing and planning group for three more care
  • We attended the Scottish Human Rights Roadshow held in Clydebank hoping to work closely with them to set up Community Champions.
  • Have participated in a mystery shop with Scot Rail to Central Station in Glasgow.

  • Joined West Dunbartonshire’s Third Sector Interface Group.
  • Assisted East Dunbartonshire’s Education Accessibility Strategy
  • We have managed to get 10 more new members to join our panel
  • We are working on our business plans to present to the council and will use this towards our funding with SDEF.
  • Almost finalised all the training that we got through SDEF most members have had the training.
  • Checked over 40 TROs and 20 plans this month alone
  • We attended the Employers Internship Network event held by our very own Sinead It was a very positive day and well attended too!

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