Conditions of Membership

Where the activities, conduct or management structure of any member is considered by the Directors to be contrary to, or damage the aims and objectives of the Company, the Board of Directors may seek to cease their membership. A decision to withdraw membership would need to be approved at the SDEF Annual General Meeting. If the AGM agrees, the membership would cease immediately. 

A member may resign their membership at any time by giving at least seven clear days notice in writing to the Company. This would be done in writing to the Company at its registered office. Membership is not transferable and shall cease on death or dissolution or, in the case of a nominated individual, the body or organisation which nominated An Access Panel is a group of disabled people, carers and people with a genuine interest in equality for people with disabilities. Access Panels work towards improving equality in its widest sense for disabled people at a local and national level. Some of the earliest Access Panels have been operating for nearly thirty years, whilst new panels are being formed across Scotland on an ongoing basis. 

Access Panels are often the first point of contact for Local Authorities and other Public Bodies on disability related issues in the area. They can be involved in issues such as reviewing Planning Applications and developments from an access perspective, improving services and providing a source for the views of disabled people to be heard on many other things. They are also often involved in providing feedback to Local and Central Government on policies and frameworks which affect disabled people and the wider community. 

Access Panels publish guides, leaflets and posters to raise awareness about social inclusion and about their work. They also provide information to local businesses, organisations and tradesmen, and promote award schemes in recognition of good practice. 

There are many benefits to having an Access Panel. These include raising awareness of equality issues, encouraging social inclusion and helping create an accessible environment for all. Access Panels also have a real input to the decisions and policies of statutory bodies and other organisations, concerning access and other issues which affect disabled people. 

The amount of time that is spent on work for the Access Panel is entirely up to the individual, as each member of the Panel is a volunteer. Any time that you contribute to your Access Panel is greatly appreciated. 

The Access Panel will always use the skills and experience that its volunteers are already in possession of. However, training and funding is available through the Scottish Disability Equality Forum to provide volunteers with the opportunity to fur- the person for their membership can notify the Company in writing that they wish to revoke a nomination.